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The Cost Of Going Back To Work After Babies

Here’s a fun thing. I sat down and calculated how much money I made from my job after paying for taxes and childcare. It was…enlightening. Some background. I went back to work when our twin boys turned six months old. It was a new job, as opposed to returning to a current job after maternity […]

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go

I got a job. I mean, a job away from home. I was sort of, maybe, perhaps, thinking about going back to work, but I figured it was going to take me a long time to find a job that would suit our purposes. I wanted a job that I would enjoy, otherwise it wouldn’t […]

Fun With Self Employed Health Insurance

I’m good at worrying. Did you know this about me? I don’t feel like a complete person unless I’m worried about something. If they had an Olympics for worriers, I could melt down all the gold medals I’d win and make myself a gilded helmet to protect my crazy, anxious brain. When we quit our jobs and terminated […]

I’m Working Over Here

So we lead a fairly frugal lifestyle. We don’t discomfort ourselves by any means, but we run a tight ship. We began the summer with a nice cushion of savings and it allowed us to get settled into small town living, and get our bearings for what we wanted to do next. No matter how […]

Pain In The Ass People

For a time in 2007, I lived in Hawaii and I worked at Starbucks. I had just quit my relatively well paying job in Hollywood and moved to the Big Island to open a coffee shop with some friends. I didn’t know a thing about running a coffee shop. Though we were living in Kona, […]