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I Tried to Quit My Job

I gave my notice at my job a few weeks ago. I sat across from my boss, took a deep breath, and told him I was leaving. Unlike a lot of people, I actually sort of like my job. I like my coworkers, the environment is nice, and my boss is a sweetie pie. I […]

Zen and the Art Of Leaf Blowing

I work in an office. I shuffle papers around. I make phone calls, I send emails, I occasionally talk to people. I have nine hours a day to think about what my work “means.” What it means In The Grand Scheme Of The Universe. It’s not always obvious or apparent, but like an abundance of office […]

Where’s Your Bottom?

No, not your butt. Where do you hit bottom? Where do you hit bottom and decide you’ve had enough? Enough of whatever. Usually work, but it can be anything. School, a sour relationship, housework, an evil boss. At what point do you decide that the pain of your current routine no longer outweighs the fear […]

Let’s Talk About Crazy People

Specifically, let’s talk about crazy bosses. Have you had a crazy boss? Mercifully, thankfully, praise be to the unicorns, I am not currently dealing with a crazy boss. My current boss is an absolute peach. But it was not always so. I’ve had some crazy, evil bosses in the past. And currently, someone really important […]

Obsessive Phases

Over the summer, I was on a kick to organize my finances. I spent a lot of time trying to develop a system to track my money, which I have seriously never done before. The way I track my money is by not ever having any. Over the course of many years, I got in […]