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A Grand, Happy Day in Our Household

I occasionally get a little sensitive about writing this blog. I sometimes see that people find this blog by searching for my name. And I initially wonder, why would anyone search for me? People from high school? Ex boyfriends? The mob? Then secondly, I think back on all that I have written in the past […]

New Post Up At What To Expect: Favorites

I have a new post up at What To Expect, about favorites. I used to have one favorite. Now I have three. It’s complicated. You can find the post here. Please go read!

On Not Feeding The Trolls

I don’t get a lot of trolls. I get maybe one or two troll comments a YEAR. So like, none, practically. And I do get trolls, they are usually drive by comments, people who find my blog randomly while searching for something. Like Mighty Putty, or Boob Fund Jars, or (almost) Failing DMV Tests, or […]

OMG: My Boys On The Front Page Of AOL

In the mid 1990s, I had a chunky Packard-Bell desktop. It had goofy plastic speakers that attached to the side of the monitor like misshapen ears. I think it had 8 MB of memory, and half a gig of space. It was my first computer. It was around that time that CD-ROMS for AOL seemed […]

New Post at What To Expect

You’re not supposed to compare your kids, right? I wrote about doing that. About comparing our boys. I do it. I can’t help it. Please go read here.