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How to Become An A-List Blogger: Advice From a D-List Blogger

Did you know you can make money from blogging? You can! It’s not even that hard! You only need a few thousand page views to make a few pennies a day! Now, granted, there are superstar bloggers out there who have written books, and have gotten their own reality TV shows, all from writing a […]

Hey Everyone! Go Read This!

Dave and I started up a new blog called TriMet Diaries. It’s about riding the bus, the MAX and the streetcar in Portland. “TriMet Diaries is a place to share the inevitably amusing, amazing, and horrifying tales gleaned by riding public transit in the Portland metropolitan area. Ride along vicariously, join the conversation, or even […]

Blog Updates

As you may have noticed, I’m on a kick to get rid of stuff and ramp up our savings. This might be the exact opposite of most newlyweds who, in the first few months of marriage, usually settle in to feather their nests and pick over gifts and wedding loot. I’m happier than ever that […]

Virtuous Procrastination

Do you ever clean the house in order to procrastinate on writing, or doing some other creative project that would presumably be more pleasant? I know have to sit down and write a blog post, but that closet which has been a chaotic avalanche for the past 11 months is not going to organize itself. […]

Making Up New Stuff

Last week was craptacular. There was a giant earthquake in an impoverished nation, democracy in America is about to be pwned by corporations, and I had to renounce my Massachusetts heritage. And I finally followed up on a stomach bug that I may have acquired waaay back, like, forever ago, like on this trip back […]