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I Was Sorta On A Radio Show And Stuff

Last week, this blog was featured amongst other esteemed local sites in a lovely post by Sabrina Miller from Portland Sucks. Sabrina is one of those people I “know” through blogging and Twitter. I had never met Sabrina, but we go waaaay back. On the internet, that means, like, months. There are probably dozens, (okay, […]

Watch As My Head Puffs Up And Explodes Like a Tomato

Okay. Have you heard me talk about moving? The doormat and all that? I can’t shut up about it. Our apartment moving situation was settled way far in advance. The market is so soft and apartment buildings are so desperate for tenants, they are giving away free rent. So we secured an apartment weeks ago […]

Crap Weather = Site Redesign

I may be the only one to feel this way, but I’m a little bit relieved for the summer to be winding down. Summer was go-go-go with the street fairs and the cultural fests and the Timbers games and camping trips and the road trips. I don’t think I vacuumed for three whole months. You […]

Said Much Better Than I Could Say

I have the day off today. It’s Good Friday! What an odd day to be given off! I have much I can do today on this good, good Friday, like eating cereal, drinking coffee, cleaning up a bit, going to Trader Joe’s, going to the bookstore to peruse low fat cookbooks, painting, and blogging a […]

A Recent Conversation

I was discussing the Portland blogging scene with my soon-to-be-roommate. We were talking about “A List” bloggers in Portland. “I consider myself to be a B List blogger, I guess,” he said. I said, “What am I, then? Omega List?” “No, you’re probably C List, with occasional A Plus content.” Huh. I guess someone is lucky we’re going […]