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Oregon Beach Sand Is Delicious

We figured most everyone would be sitting in front of the TV on Sunday. And it was a gorgeous day. And I was itching for a drive. We decided it was time to introduce the boys to the ocean. We had brought the boys to the coast previously, but they were still little lumpy dudes. […]

Twins’ First “Camping” Trip

A few weeks ago, we got a cabin at Cape Lookout. The only way we were able to get the cabin was because it was available mid-week. The yurts and cabins at Oregon State Parks are often booked as soon as they are available for reservations, usually six months in advance. Dave had some time […]

Into The Woods

It’s Election Day. What luck, that when I booked a cabin on the coast weeks ago, I didn’t realize we’d be in the woods on Election Day. We are going to drive away from the noise, and I’m going to go fill my lungs with chilly ocean air. This is also the boys’ first night […]

Living Down By The River

I love reading the the Astoria PoliceĀ press logs. They are not always so entertaining, and sometimes they can be a bit depressing. But often, they contain little gems that make me smile. Astoria Police LogĀ 1/25/12 3:20 SUSP CIRCUMSTANCES “Report of something making a grunting noise in backyard of the house. Reporting unsure of what it […]

Travel Tuesday-ish: Whale Watching Fail

So I don’t know if you know this: It rains a lot on the coast. People, it rains. RAINS. This week started with a lovely dusting of snow, and has ended with heaping buckets of rain. There’s flooding and pandemonium and gnashing of teeth. I’d like to think back a couple weeks, forever ago, to […]