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Travel Tuesday: Ecola State Park

You’re going to have to forgive my¬†inarticulateness for this post, because, holy crap y’all, we finally made it to Ecola State Park. Have you been there? Have you seen this place?

Travel Tuesday: Saddle Mountain

I’m going to do what I can to not swear during this post. My usual, natural inclination is to swear. I prefer to think of swearing as colorful¬†intensifiers, not bleating inarticulateness. More often than not, I withhold curse words because they make me feel less dainty. Right. So, Saddle Mountain. It was on our list […]

Cape Disappointment Camping Part 2

Here is¬†Part One from yesterday, where I actually had to search my dim memory banks about whether or not porcupines can shoot quills at you. I’ve lived in cities for far too long now. Right. So we left off in the middle of the night, with our tent being blasted by sandy gusts of wind, […]

Travel Tuesday Sorta: Camping at Cape Disappointment

Last week, while it was in the 90s in Portland, Dave and I packed up for an after Labor Day camping trip to Cape Disappointment. And you know what was awesome about this trip? It was like, only 20 minutes from home.

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.25.11

The beautiful Oregon Coast. Again. It doesn’t suck.