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“Stuff” For Babies = Mind Blown

Okay so, now I’m thinking about stuff for babies. I’ve been able to avoid this process for an impressive amount of time. We’ve had so many other things to think about this year before we started thinking about baby stuff. We had big panicky things to think about. Like moving back to Portland. And getting […]

Here’s What Happens When A (Former) Accountant Gets Pregnant

Okay, so this post may be interesting to exactly no one. But it sort of shows what a difference five years have made in my life. And it shows exactly how anal I can be, if left to my own devices. I’m guessing you were eating your breakfast this morning, and thinking, “Huh. I wonder […]

Okay, So, I Hate Shopping

We’re back in Portland. We have a new apartment. And every time we move, I have the urge to nest a bit. With twins on the way, my urge to nest is perhaps a bit stronger than usual. We actually haven’t thought too much about baby stuff yet. I’ve been blocking it out, actually. Since […]

Shelter In Place

The holidays haven’t quite calmed down for us yet. Everyone in my family is travelling, so we decided to wait until January for Dave and me to fly to California to visit my sister and my folks. This was the first actual Christmas Day in my 38 years that I didn’t spend with my parents. […]

Holiday Local Gift Challenge

I was thinking about all the hoopla surrounding Black Friday and “Cyber Monday,” (the word “cyber” should be stricken from the English language, in my honest opinion) and I, like many other overfed post Turkey Day smug assholes, did not buy anything. Much has been said about the sport shopping that takes place during the […]