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Waking Up (Not The Enlightenment Kind)

The days are getting shorter, and the sun is coming up later. It kind of sucks. It was easy to wake up with the sun over the summer because we have east facing windows, and we would get beams of morning sun into our bedroom before 5 am. That seems awful early, but I really […]

Battle Of Impulse Purchases: Virtuous Yet Annoying Edition

When I go to the grocery store, I make a list of what we need. It has happened too many times where I go to the store for one specific thing, and I get all kinds of other crap, and forget my original item. I swear, someone could write an unfunny sitcom about me and […]

Thrifty Ninja Skills

As you may know, Dave and I quit our relatively well paying jobs earlier this year. We wouldn’t have been able to quit our jobs without a comfortable amount of savings. But we also reduced our expenses by paying off all our debt. And we cut back on buying stuff we don’t need. Moving to […]

The Battle of Impulse Purchases: Sucky Pillow Edition

I have a pillow thing. I wrote about my pillow thing long ago. I wanted a pillow for my dainty head that wasn’t too soft, or wasn’t too firm, and didn’t give me headaches or neck kinks. I had a coupon for a big box home store, and I drove out to the goddamn suburbs […]

The Dumbest Way To Almost Break Your Toe

I think I could maybe write a whole blog about grocery store consumerism. I have some of my more profound insights about our society while shopping for noodles and kitty litter. I believe that being thoughtful in the grocery store is exactly what retailers don’t want. I think they want us softened up by the […]