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Battle Couches

We aren’t fighting the new, shiny modernness of our apartment. It’s all slick and concrete and imposing and almost institutional. I have never lived in a place like this. I’m used to places that are older or charming or shabby. It’s been an adjustment to make this apartment seem comfortable or cozy. We have been […]

Another Huge Deposit In My Karma Bank

At the grocery store again. I was taking a suggestion and picking out some fuji apples at Fred’s. I like apples and I miss some east coast varieties. But I figured I’d go CRAZY and experiment with other apple varieties I haven’t tried. My parents have always worried about a policeman knocking on their door late at night […]

I Walked to Work Today

And then I walked back. It’s three miles in each direction. Walking is good. I get to see different parts of the city. I get a little swamp ass. Now maybe I can have more cookies. And ALSO. I walked right by Utrecht, the art supply store, on the way home. AND I DID NOT […]

Art Supplies, Books, Yarn and Mental Illness

Last weekend I went for a walk to Utrecht. Utrecht is an art supply store and therefore, a very dangerous place for me. I had a specific thing to buy and I needed to be clear about my intentions before I stepped through the door. Because, you see, I am an uncontrollable dork for art […]

Furniture Daydreams

In the past 12 months, I have shed a large percentage of my earthly possessions. I used to have bookshelves, kitchen knives, a vacuum cleaner, a couch, a dining set, a dresser, an ice cream scoop, and many, many other things. I got rid of a lot of stuff for my various moves (I moved […]