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Livin’ Like a Tom Petty Song

I don’t like to say I am living on the floor. I like to say I’m “free of furniture.” Because, you know, furniture is like, such a hassle, you know? Through all the upheaval, moving, vet visits, plane rides, other scary pets, long drives, scuzzy motels, my cat has endured like a champion. He can […]

I Like My New City

One of the vague, lightly oppressive things about living in cities is all the people. Being around people can be, you know, social and energizing and stuff. But truly, I can’t say I’ve ever been in a huge crowd of people, say, shopping or driving or going to see a movie, and thought “Wow, look […]

I am Officially an Oregon Resident

I took the downtown studio. I’m a city girl! I have an actual address! Booze, coffee, groceries all within walking distance! I have no furniture, so I’m sleeping, eating, sitting, and putting my shoes on while on the floor! You try putting on your shoes without something to sit on! I made it out of […]


First rest stop. There was no “Welcome to Oregon” sign heading north on interstate 5. I was disappointed. How am I supposed to know where I am? I could STILL be in California for all I know. I did pass by a “Mile 73,” however. I did not get out and take photos. Hello Oregon! […]

Culture Spasm

I’ve never spent any time in the Pacific Northwest, except for my mad-dash PDX/SEA trip in December. I have spent time in each corner of the country. I grew up in Massachusetts, my parents lived in Florida for a time, and of course, I recently escaped the Los Angeles area. I’m just going to treat […]