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Saturday Night Stories

I wasn’t expecting to have a social life so soon upon my arrival in Portland. It’s been a pleasant surprise. It may seem odd, but I’m sometimes more comfortable as a homebody. After a couple years of having roommates, moving around, and general chaos and upheaval, I was almost looking forward to being in a […]

Always a Newcomer

Where I grew up, most people stayed put. You didn’t really move more than a town or two from you grew up.It could be a regional thing. It seems as though New Englanders are a fairly “rooted” type. But then, I imagine this is the case in small towns in any part of the country. […]

I Like Movies

Anyone who has ever written anything begins to like the idea of writing a screenplay. It’s only 120 pages! So much less than a novel! They make it into a movie! If I base a character on myself, I think they should totally get Natalie Portman to play me! I like movies. I don’t *love* […]

Tags: They Are Telling

I signed up with a site called It’s a collection of blogs based in Oregon. So when I post something here, it feeds onto that site as well. I don’t know how they select their tags, but do they ever have my number:

Are You A Yankee or A Rebel?

Find out here. I’m 82% Yankee. Although they phrased it as: “18% Dixie. Wow! You are a Duke of Yankeedom!” Being of stiff-lipped New Englander stock, I’m a little off-put by measuring percentages by how “dixie” I am, or not. It’s not wicked pissah. Here’s another. I’m 100% Yankee on that one. I tend to […]