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Archives for April 2008

Friends With Hollywood Projects

When you live in Los Angeles, chances are you, or your friends, or your mom, or your dog are working on a screenplay. It’s sort of required. You must also occasionally make appearances at the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf patio, during the week, during work hours, while slurping away at a mocha ice […]

Fantasy Careers, Part 2

As I was beginning to consider escaping leaving Los Angeles, I was also thinking about making a significant career change. All my giant, life-altering freak outs come wrapped as a package. Though they would be considerably easier to manage, they don’t really come a la carte. My “location” is tied to “job,” which is tied […]

Three Months

On January 26th, I had just arrived in Portland and was staying at the super scary Motel 6 on Powell. I had been in town for 5 days and was sort of frantically looking for a job and apartment. I think back on the first week I arrived, and I’m thankful I don’t put myself […]

I Was NOT Drunk When This Happened

Now, then. I am not willing to admit, being a gal of northern European heritage, that I could possibly get tipsy from just two pints of cider. Especially after appetizers and a big plate of fish and chips. And I *extra* especially would not get tipsy while in the presence of my boss and coworkers. […]

On My Compulsive Need to Save Cardboard Boxes

I am still, STILL unpacking boxes. It’s disorganized and sometimes emotional since I find things that have broken during shipping. Or it’s anxious because I find a box of mail from 6 months ago that likely contains bills that should have been paid. Or it’s exasperating because I find stuff that I packed, put in […]