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Getting Bent, Day 2

While in Bend, we stayed at the apartment of some kind friends, who were away camping for the weekend. We looked after their cat and peachy-cheeked cockatiel. Their cat was super friendly and super fat. She handily earned the nickname “Super Fatty,” and would gladly come to us when we called her that. Probably because […]

I Walked to Work Today

And then I walked back. It’s three miles in each direction. Walking is good. I get to see different parts of the city. I get a little swamp ass. Now maybe I can have more cookies. And ALSO. I walked right by Utrecht, the art supply store, on the way home. AND I DID NOT […]

A Weekend, A Tank Full of Gas, Chapter 6: Getting Bent

Gas is $4.19 a gallon! Gah! But we couldn’t walk to Bend, Oregon. It was 163 miles. And there are, like, big hills and stuff. So we drove. There are many ways to drive to Bend. To get there, we took Route 26 because it goes by Mt. Hood and I like big, fat volcanoes […]

Humans Aren’t Meant To Work In Offices

I reckon I’m slightly under-rested. I gather this because I’m irritated by the Louisiana-shaped Budweiser coaster on my desk. It’s perfectly functional and I use it. But it’s a cutout. Of Louisiana. With Budweiser on it. And if I had the presence of mind to choose more wisely, I’d get rid of it. But I […]

Things Going On: (Drivel Disguised As) A List

1. I’m going to Bend, Oregon this weekend. I haven’t been there before. It’s a bit of a drive, which I like. And it’s out in the high desert, which I like. We’re also going to see a concert. And if I get half a chance, I’m going to throw my bra on stage. 2. […]