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It’s Hottttttt.

97 degrees Saturday. 94 degrees Sunday. I moved to the Arctic Circle (which Oregon is a part of) to get away from this hot weather bull crap. Nothing to do but lay in bed, eat Hood strawberries with ice cream and moan about the heat. Which is just what I did all weekend. I’m perfecting […]

Friday Furry Little Bastard Blogging

I’m an unmarried woman, in her mid thirties, who blogs about her cat. I’m fulfilling a neglected niche. Feel free to exit now. Otherwise, read on about how he’s a furry little bitch. Owning a cat means I signed up for a number of things. One of them is having a box of shit in […]

Despite Overwhelming Odds, I Passed My Personality Test

About five months ago, I was new to Portland, I didn’t know anyone, and didn’t have a job or an apartment. I was staying in a scary motel known for drug deals and murders, and was using free wifi at coffee shops. It took about a week to get an apartment and about a month […]

I Have a Disease!

I’m not a hypochondriac. At least I don’t think I am. I’m not a person who ALWAYS has some physical ailment, like the archetypal annoying coworker or Aunt Gertrude. “Oi! My sciatica!” I am probably more dismissive of little aches and pains than I should be. Like how I’ve had an odd little “dead zone” […]

Naked Midnight Bike Riding

I was in bed at midnight last Saturday. It had been a beautiful day that day and the windows were open, letting in the breeze from this first summer night. Usually, I wear earplugs when I sleep. Because I live in an over-trendy neighborhood and the bars and restaurants are usually loud enough to keep […]