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Women Ogle Too, You Know

I took the streetcar to work earlier this week. It takes slightly less time than it would take if I walked. The streetcar chugs along at traffic pace and stops every two blocks or so. It’s clean and practically sterile compared to other public transportation, and normally people smell pretty good. Since the streetcar is […]

Earthquake in Chino Hills, CA

It was centered about a mile from my parents’ house. They are fine. A few pictures came off the walls. It was my mom’s first earthquake since living in California. She nearly crapped herself (her words.) But they are fine. We are a rootless people, as a family. My parents are considering their next move, […]

I’m Old. Ooooooold.

I consider myself a pretty good friend if you need to move. I’ve moved myself a hell of a lot the past few years. 37 times, I think. Seriously. I counted. I never exaggerate. I can pack, I can pick up heavy stuff, I can move stuff around. I know how to drive the big […]

Goddamned Inconsiderate Coworkers!

I just went to the restroom and discovered that I had a big brown dot of dried coffee right on the end of my nose. I finished my coffee hours ago! No one fricken told me! WTF! It was dark brown, perfectly round, and perfectly situated on the tip of my nose. Your imagination could […]

I Guess I Lost

He begs and begs and begs for attention, so I give it to him (i.e. fuck with him a little) and he goes all berserk. I can’t even make him eat his own tail tease him a little. What is the point, I ask? A bull dog puppy would not do this.  I bet an […]