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Not Good For Me

The mark of a truly enjoyable, greasy, unhealthy, guilt-ridden meal, is that the next time you’re hungry, you want that same thing again. Except it’s not even 6 hours later. And you haven’t even washed the grease off from the first go round. Mmmmm, good. My friends, I had such a meal Wednesday night. We […]

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is: Do not put your Ikea duvet cover in the dryer with any other items. I’m not going to tell you the Story. Just the Moral: Do not put your Ikea duvet cover in the dryer with any other items. You are just going to have to trust me on […]

Almost Failed At The DMV

It would be much easier and probably advisable to keep my embarrassing stories to myself. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers me an unbelievable opportunity: Like a full scholarship to art school, or a fabulous job, or a position as Colin Meloy’s personal roadie. Or a pony. And then someone checks the […]

Theft Deterrent

One of my neighbors, one of the good, cutie pie neighbors, has had a problem with people stealing his car cover. His car is always shiny and immaculate and he’s quite good at making me feel like an inadequate and neglectful car owner. Like the state’s Car Protective Services Department will come and take my […]

Awful Neighbor Stories

I love my apartment. I love that it’s mine. I love being home. My apartment does has a couple drawbacks. Since it’s a studio, I have no door with with to isolate my cat from my face when I’m trying to sleep. I’m also a little concerned that being in my mid thirties, while living […]