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Welcome, Legions of Cat People

Sunday, I was minding my own beeswax. I was NOT doing laundry, or my dishes, or sweeping my floor, as I had planned. It was a beautiful day out! It was so much more conducive to doing other non-productive, non-outdoor activities, like screwing around on the internet! But I did sit by the window, felt the […]

Pierogi ruskie, Golabki, and My Favorite: Placki Ziemniaczane

We went to the Polish Fest Saturday. I guess last year it rained, so there weren’t as many people. This year, there were a billion other people there. But they were all nice people with babies and dogs, out enjoying the fantastic weather. And the accordions. This guy was amazing. He was like the Jimi Hendrix of accordion […]

I Wonder What He Would Have Said

I had a dream last night that I met Al Franken. I was reaching out, and shaking his big meaty hand and…then my alarm went off. Damn it! I had so many things to ask him!

Live in LA? Need a Job? Like, REALLY bad?

My sister got a new job! This is great news! Congrats little sis! Be sure to leave a pile of dog poo in a corner on your last day! She has been tasked with writing the job description to find her replacement. Here’s what she wrote below. Accounting Assistant/Doormat Needed in Heart of West Hollywood Summary: Successful, self-important, image-obsessed […]

The Beginning Of An Era

You probably know someone, or perhaps *are* someone who always seems to have some kind of stain on their clothing. I’m not judging. Lots of the people I’ve met who have stains on their clothes are really smart.  Like, too-smart-to-know-their-shoes-are-untied smart. They don’t have time to contemplate the theory of displacement, where when you bite your hot dog […]