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I work near the Willamette River in what is seriously known as “SoWa,” or South Waterfront. There’s not a lot going on down there, except for a bunch of construction, isolated, ill advised new condo towers, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and The Zidell Company which builds giant, seafaring barges. I have been watching them […]

Don’t Vote Posters

I promise, promise, promise I’m not going to blog politics (much more) because it makes my eye twitch.  I have um, “issues,” trying to get anything done lately because, oh, there’s so much to read and worry about out there. But I enjoyed these. From

Can’t Keep Me Down!

Know what this is? That right, bitches!  It’s a damn ballot from the Multnomah Country Elections Board!  You can’t keep me down! Now I’m going to impose my blue blood, leftie-enviro-feminist-pro-gay-peacenik-hippie agenda all over your ass!  With granola on top!

The Story of Re-Stupid

I, like other semi-literate mouth breathers, have occasionally used the word “retarded” when I actually mean something is “ill advised” or “not well planned.” I know this is horribly insensitive of me. Since I am no longer 13 years old, I make an effort not to use this word except for its actual meaning. It slips out […]

Regretful Footwear Purchase?

Yesterday, I bought these for $100… To go inside them, I bought these for $40… All because of these…* I have bad feet. Flat, wide duck feet with fallen arches. Besides not being able to wear cute, dainty shoes, it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, not being able to wear cute shoes really IS a […]