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Tank Full Of Gas Chapter 11: Oregon Wine Country (hic)

I’m still working on how to drink beer. I have seen more beer and more different types of beer in Oregon than I ever have in my life. Even 7-11 has a wall of coolers devoted to local micro brews. However, I have absolutely no problem drinking wine. Boy, I love wine. Wine loves me. And […]

Updates: A List

1. My site is still wonky. I haven’t been able to create new posts. The only reason I’m able to write this post is because it was an abandoned draft that I am overwriting. Yahoo is my host and the last time I called, they told me “the ticket has been escalated.” I guess there are settings unrelated to WordPress […]

Not Fun

My website has been acting wonky. It was down all day on Friday. The other two sites I host under this domain were both fine. So It made me think it was a database problem. And, it turns out, I was right. But, great news! I don’t know a THING about databases. Awesome! I thought about a year’s worth […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter X: Astoria, Oregon

As you might imagine, the weather has gotten a little too chilly and wet for camping. I have been grimly informed that slate skies and dreary weather will continue for the next 47 years. There was even gnashing of teeth. I think my acquaintances are taking bets on how long I will last through this winter. I […]

Your Sister: Not As Cool As Mine

I emailed my little sister this morning, complaining that I was hungry, but I couldn’t pick up breakfast because I’m broke. I spent my last $5 on a kinda crummy breakfast burrito yesterday. C’est la vie. I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I need to kick the nasty breakfast pastry habit. Two hours later, […]