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Not A Brat! Not A Brat! Not A Brat!

But I am spoiled, however. Someone gave me a new one of these. Holy crap. But I sorely needed one. Seriously. I’ve been whining about it for months. I noticed in the manual it says: “High Risk Activities: This computer is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication […]

But *I’m* The Crazy One

Earlier today, I refused to even discuss cooking angel hair pasta and thin spaghetti in the same pot. It’s a non starter. I don’t care that you can just add the angel hair a few minutes later and they cook up the same. I will not do it. It violates The Laws Of Pasta. My […]

Nothing Says Christmas Like Tug Of War

My Christmas celebrations have pretty much been the same for the past 35 years. The presents are still under the tree when we wake up in the morning. My sister and I get up before my parents, and we are allowed to open our stockings and eat chocolate until they get out of bed. This […]

Live Blogging: PDX International

It’s 6:30 am, Christmas Eve. I have an hour to wait for my flight. It’s snowing heavily, but so far, my plane is not delayed or canceled. The lines are suitably crazy for Christmas Eve, even before 6 am. I see some people curled up and sleeping on the floor in the terminal. The weather […]

My First Gift: You Will Be Jealous

My fabulous Future Roommate (if the weather lets up and we are ever able to move), Dave Knows, has an associate Nathan, who is a master woodworker. I had been told that his work was as good as The Joinery, where they charge $4000 for a dining table. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom […]