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Holy Fricken Crap, What A Vacation That Was

Because I am exceedingly smart, (I just needed spell check for “exceedingly”), I purposefully selected the earliest flight I could find on Christmas Eve. My reasoning was that I wanted to get to California early in the day, and I figured that travel crowds on Christmas Eve would only get worst as the day progressed. […]

Why Christmas Is Awesome At My House

Christmas is awesome at my house because it has been exactly the same since I was four years old, or, however old I was when I realized that Christmas was awesome. I go home to my parents’ house for the holidays. I am in my mid thirties. When my sister and I wake up on […]

Happy Holidays, Dave Knows!

May your website traffic be merry and bright… Happy holidays, sweetie!

Well THAT Didn’t Last Long

I had tried to sign up for Facebook a couple years ago. When I signed up, a few people from my past instantly popped up out of nowhere and “friended” me. It was weird. These weren’t long lost friends, they were just people I knew. The type of people you make polite conversation with while […]

Oooooh. Aaaaaah.

Last night after work, it was pouring rain. We were just happy it is in the 40s instead of in the 20s.  I’ll take sopping wet in the 40s over crystal clear, but bitterly cold any day. Last night was good, proper Portland winter weather. It was really, really raining. What a perfect night to […]