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Nice Sentiment

I have been trying to leave my car at home and take the bus into work as often as possible. I walk the last mile from downtown to SoWa. It sounds nearly virtuous, but this is perhaps the only exercise I get. Were it not for this little walk, and various other incidental physical movements, […]

Lite Rock

A few of my coworkers listen to a light rock stations. Mercifully most of the time it’s barely audible. Sometimes I can catch some of a tune through the course of the day. Billy Joel, Journey, Brian Adams, and that goddamned “More Than Words” song. Gah. It’s the same stuff over and over. Sometimes barely […]

Think They’ll Sell?

A Couch That Will Teach Your Ass A Lesson – $30 (SE) We’re not trying to fool anyone here. This is the entry level of cheap Ikea couches, The Solsta. This couch was not designed as a relaxing piece of furniture. It is as comfortable as a church pew. This is a good couch if […]

Here’s A Goddamn Happy List

Around the first of the year, I mentioned how great 2008 was for me, and that I felt as though I should sneak off with my good fortune and hope no one noticed. It seems perhaps that pendulum came swinging back this week. First with the health insurance denials. (As an update, I have about […]

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down

One of the great things about our new place is that I believe I’m sleeping better. I had gone over a week sleeping really well each night. I woke up and felt refreshed and damn near giddy. I feel like a rockstar when I get enough sleep. I didn’t sleep so great last night, and […]