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Cute Stuff

We popped into Elsa+Sam today.  If I had a bottomless bank account, I would outfit our place with everything in this shop. We spoke with Elsa about how she started her store. It reminded me again that owning a cute shop like this is one of my deep, dark fantasies. I love seeing people willing […]

Lock the Door

Yesterday I picked up The Roommate after work. I had some errands to run before dinner, so I dropped him off at home. I figured I’d be a half hour or so. But it was raining and trafficky and my errands ran longer than I expected. Since he knew I was coming home shortly, he […]


I’m new at this. I have a social networking phobia. Go easy. Follow me here. I’ll try to say funny things.

I Went To A Sausage Fest

Seriously. Not a party with dudes just standing around. But a really for real festival of meat shoved into animal casings. We heard there was going to be an Oktoberfest-style Wurstfest in Mt Angel Oregon, and who could possibly pass up an opportunity to go to a real, live sausage party? Obviously, not me. Mt […]

Moving Briskly Along

It didn’t occur to me that moving into an apartment without closets would make me have to “deal with” the copious amounts of crap that I have accumulated. My last apartment had a closet the size of a garage. So I had plenty of boxes that I shoved into a corner and dismissed. I would […]