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Five Hours That Kicked My Ass

One of the fabulous things about Portland is that mere miles from town, you can find “nature” like trees and rivers, and you can find “outdoor recreational activities,” like hikes that will make your lungs feel like they are bleeding. I always love the idea of going for a hike until I’m actually hiking. Then […]

More Later…

I nearly died and/or puked hiking this Sunday: But I also want you to know that I had homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner Sunday night because I am an adult.

Friday Cat Blogging

We were out for beers with a bunch of friends the other night. Every person at the table was a pet owner. And somehow the conversation turned to the delightful topic of our pets’ anal glands. Dave, sitting next to me, had grown up in a large family, but he never had any pets. He […]

This Was Dinner Last Night

We made this. How can you NOT make a recipe that tells you to burn your ingredients with FIRE? And since we don’t have a grill, what else can we do but create a campfire in our kitchen? It was amazing. Except we added a blorp of tomato paste and some fresh basil. A blorp […]

Mighty Putty: Ain’t So Great

Okay. We have two floors of big windows that face the sidewalk and the city street. I like to have the blinds open because I like the light and I’m curious about what’s going on in the world. It’s been interesting watching people stroll by when the blinds are pulled open. They turn their heads […]