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Perhaps, The Rest of My Summer

Last weekend, we spent a relaxing couple days at the coast. We made a new friend. It was pretty spectacular to wake up to this view. It was cold and rainy so the windows mostly stayed closed. But the roar of the waves was constant and soothing. This view was to make up for the […]

Where I’m At

I’m on the set of Goonies, which was a really fun movie. Contemplating the meaning of it all. And eating copious amounts of fried food. We ordered grilled salmon and grilled oysters! They both came out fried! We ate them anyway!

Return To Sender

We got this in the mail the other day. We’re sending it back, for obvious reasons.

Silverware Adventures

It’s been a few months since The Roommate and I became, well, roommates, and after combining two households into one apartment with no closets, we have purged or consolidated our belongings into a cozy little nest. We’re settled in and pretty much have everything we need. However, it was not long ago that we chafed […]

Some Notes On California

1. It’s sunny. I forgot about that. Blazing, never ending, no cloud sunshine. It was nice. When I stepped off the plane, it was very breezy and not much warmer than Portland. Kinda bullcrap. But as the days went by, it got warmer and warmer until it was 93 degrees on the day I left. […]