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I Don’t Know Much

Here’s a few things that make me feel vastly ignorant.  Beyond, “I don’t know much about that,”  more like, “I can’t imagine learning enough about that to ever know anything.”  Like, I can feel the insides of my skull pressing on my brain. 1. Databases and web stuff.  So like, my site is like, slow?  […]

Testy Test Testing

I’m trying to get to the bottom of why my site is so slow all the fricken time. Yahoo says to talk to WordPress. They say it’s a database issue, not a server issue. So I’m poking it with a stick and deactivating all my plugins. As a result, my site may look wonky or […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 17: Camping in Moss Creek, WA

Our goal this summer, like last summer, is to try to go camping at least once a month. We planned this trip before knowing that the weather in Portland was forecasted to be scorchingly, searingly, eyeball-poppingly hot. As this weekend approached, we hoped the temperature near The Gorge, under the shade of tall trees would […]

Sometimes, I Paint Stuff

This was painted for some friends who were giving it as a wedding gift. I am saving every penny I make from art and other creative endeavors and putting it into a “business” fund. Maybe the business will be a coffeeshop.  Maybe the business will be a craft gallery.  Maybe the business will be a […]

My Big Fat Red Meaty Face

This post may sound like I am complaining about the hot weather. Or, this post may sound like I am complaining about being flabby and out of shape. I will complain about neither. Or both. Which is the same thing. I’m also going to complain about my ass bones. So it’s hot, right? And I’m […]