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Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter 18: Camp Creek, OR, Again

Because we like it. Of all the various places we’ve camped and visited, Camp Creek has been my favorite. It’s close to Portland, it’s got big trees, the sites are spacious, and you can hear the river throughout the campground. This is important, because it is close to 26, and you can sometimes hear traffic […]

Loonies In The Boonies

We’re off to the woods for the weekend.  We’re going to try to not drive our car over Hood to Coast runners.  And hopefully, it won’t thunder on us like it did last time we camped near Mt Hood. BTW, I’m totally going to train a bunch of squirrels to play tambourines and I’m going […]

I Know Rock Stars

The very first band I obsessed about as a kid was Men At Work.  I was in forth grade. I think that was when I discovered music and began rebelling against my parents. Johnny Be Good, Mom! Take that! In my young mind, I couldn’t wait until I was 18 so I could go to […]

Quick Trip To The Coast

Just barely Photoshopped, people. When Dave was a child, his family always vacationed in the same ocean front cabin in Rockaway Beach. Ever since, someone in the family rents the cabin for the same week each year. Dave’s sister’s family was kind enough to let us stay with them for a night.  Dave spent the […]

Whew! That Was Fun!

It turns out, when you accidentally delete your blog database, it only takes five hours of freaking out to fix it! Awesome! But so far, all the little issues I was having with comments not showing up in my backend (and boy, does my backend get comments) and other various issues seems to be gone. […]