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The End Of Our Doormat

Have I mentioned we are moving? Have I mentioned that I’m happy about it? I didn’t need further convincing, but just now, as luck would have it, a homeless/crazy/drunk man was happy to oblige. Just moments ago, we heard outright bellowing outside our door. Drunken, ugly, incoherent, homophobic yelling. The kind of yelling that only […]

I Don’t Know If It’s Luck, But It’s Something

We are moving soon. We gave our notice to our landlady and she has been showing our current apartment to new potential tenants. She had two different appointments today, so we spruced the place up a bit, peeled the dirty socks off the ceiling and changed the litter box, for once. We classed it up. […]

My Dreams Are Disaster P0rn

I’d like to find out why I go through phases where I have intense, memorable dreams, and other phases where my sleep is just inky blackness. This week has been an intense string of dreams that I have able to wake up and articulate like half-asleep epics. My dream last night shook me awake, which […]

Breakfast Is Going To Make My Dad Yell At Me

Breakfast this morning. We went to Bob’s Red Mill, inspired by the 2009 World Porridge Making Championship. What, you didn’t know there was a championship for porridge making? It’s in Scotland. What kind of rock do you live under? We even got to behold the Golden Spurtle that winner Matthew Cox brought home to Oregon. […]

Do Not Underestimate The Armless

Almost a year ago, I wrote this story about witnessing a young woman with no arms navigate a grocery store. Earlier this week, the story got linked to by a group called DSD Admirers. “Double Shoulder Disarticulate.” Armless Admirers. Starting Monday morning, I got hundred of hits from all over the world. From the DSD […]