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Attention: This Is Pretty Awesome

You probably work at a job, right? Me too. But maybe you have creative ambitions also. Me too. Maybe you are even repressed and whiny. Me too! I try to work on my creative projects on the weekend, and after work. Whenever I can. Mostly when I’m not being lazy. So imagine you work a […]

My Advice To You

My advice to you is: Don’t wait three years between dentist appointments. Even if you are sure you are brushing your teeth. Even if you are so smart in all other aspects of your life. It’s just wise not to wait so long to go to the dentist. If you need further advice, don’t tell […]

Pie! Pie! Pie!

This past weekend, I went to a Pie n’ Pints Party. Pie is as good a reason as any to throw a party. In fact, pie is a better reason than any to throw a party. If you are having a party and there is no pie, well, maybe you should rethink your party throwing […]

Making Up New Stuff

Last week was craptacular. There was a giant earthquake in an impoverished nation, democracy in America is about to be pwned by corporations, and I had to renounce my Massachusetts heritage. And I finally followed up on a stomach bug that I may have acquired waaay back, like, forever ago, like on this trip back […]

Me, Portland: Two Years

Martin Luther King Day was on a Monday in 2008. It was Monday, January 21. That was the day I arrived in Portland. Two years ago. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times that I drove up from the Los Angeles area with my car filled to the roof with boxes. The cat was in […]