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Multnomah County Fair: Bunnies

Despite growing up in a rural Massachusetts town, I don’t remember going to a lot of county fairs. I don’t think I went to any, actually. They had some in New Hampshire. I didn’t really comprehended what a true county fair was until I dated someone from Iowa, who spoke of county fairs as epic […]

“I Don’t Want To Know”

I don’t know about you, but I like to know stuff. I like to know regular, get-through-the-day stuff, but I like to know odd stuff too. Mostly odd stuff, actually. I often don’t know why I know something, where I heard it, or why I remember it. And it’s usually incomplete bits of knowledge, which […]

Droopy Drawers

What a problem to have. I have saggy pantaloons. I need to wear a belt with jeans that used to fit. I have a few pairs of pants that always seemed too short. I thought as I lost weight, they’d hang lower. And they do. Now they are an okay length, but they feel a […]

What Next?

I find myself thinking this often as I read the news, or hear about what is going on in the world. “What next?” Not just our day to day events, but our consumption and reaction to news. And not “what next?” from a cranky old lady perspective, like what will these damn fool kids do […]

Vegas: Ow, It Hurts

Holy crap. It wasn’t drinking too much, or staying up until 5am. It wasn’t dancing or doing shots. It wasn’t the utter brain explosion from visiting the completely different planet that is Las Vegas. It was a nearly naked Korean woman that kicked my ass. I was in Vegas this past weekend for my sister’s […]