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Ten Years Ago, Part 1.5

A related tangent. Here is an after effect of relocating frequently: an unwarranted familiarity with items that would normally be lost and forgotten. Every time I move, which for the past 10 years or so has been once a year or sometimes twice a year, I purge more items that I have been lugging with […]

Ten Years Years Ago

Right around this time ten years ago, I graduated college. I was 26. I had been living in Boston for six or seven years. I took a rather circuitous path to finishing school. When other kids my age were focused on getting though college, I took time off to work at the Grand Canyon for […]

Astoria Midsummer Scandinavian Fest 2010

Ah, midsummer. Seems like a cruel joke doesn’t it? Remember last weekend? Thirty six hours of sun and 85 degrees? We will remember those hours fondly when 2010 was known as The Year With The 36 Hour Summer. We’ll bore the grandkids with our wistful stories and try to keep from spitting our teeth out. […]

Another Thing About Stress, Then I Will Shut Up About It (Maybe)

So this current episode of stress is a bit ongoing, which is fine. It’s fine because I “see” it happening. I’m grumpy and sensitive, but at least I’m aware of it. That should make my insufferability somewhat more tolerable, and almost pleasant for those who have to talk to me. Yes, I’m crabby, but I […]

Hello Summer

If you live in or near Portland, you were beginning to think summer was never going to arrive, didn’t you? After all these weeks of overcast skies, I heard even native Oregonians bellyaching about the weather. I have come to understand that the threat of regular rain does not completely dissipate until July 5, you […]