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Wedding Weekend in Southern California

We did some driving. To give some perspective, the distance from Palm Springs to Malibu is 142 miles. Over 80% of that distance is urban, suburban, commercial or industrial. And I can’t show in the above map that we took the same freeways multiple times for multiple trips. It was probably a 500 mile weekend. […]

A Toast On My Sister’s Wedding Day

Thank you all for coming. Thank you to those who traveled long distances: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Seattle, Las Vegas, Okinawa, and West Los Angeles. It’s an honor to have our grandparents here from Massachusetts and an honor to have Gary’s family here from as far away as Japan and, AND… Cleveland. Thank you all for […]

Wedding Season 2010

You may remember me mentioning this, perhaps it has slipped your mind, and if that is the case, let me remind you that we have three very big, important weddings this year. THREE. One, two, three weddings. Big ones. A best friend’s wedding, a sister’s wedding and then our own wedding. This season has loomed […]

Happy Car, Happy Driver

A couple weeks ago, I paid off my car. For the past year, I had been making double and triple payments every month. Every spare bit of money I scraped together, I put towards my car. I put my tax return into my car. I put overtime pay towards my car. When Dave reimbursed me […]

Enchanted Birthday

Guess where we went for my birthday?