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“I Do.”

Okay, I don’t have facebook, so you’ll have to excuse all these extraordinarily handsome photos.

“OMG Unicorns!”


We get married. After that, I promise I’ll start talking about something else.

Don’t Do Laundry While Very Very Very Tired

So this past week’s wedding preparations entailed a hair appointment for a trial-run, in which I left happy, but have since decided I want something totally different, because I think my hair stylist needs some excitement in her life. My lovely local friends threw a little bachelorette party for me, which I was not expecting. […]

Forgive the Infrequent Blogging, I’m Trying To Write A Goddamned Wedding Ceremony Over Here

I’m trying to write a ceremony without any godwhammy, without any sort of overly sappy or epic sentiments, and despite Dave’s protests, none of that “honor and obey” bullcrap. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Less than two weeks to go. Maybe we’ll mention something about Unicorns, too.