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What Happens When An Accountant Catches A Cold

Right now, I am super pissed at myself that I have not kept track of cold medicines that actually work. I don’t get sick very often, usually once a year or less. So by the time I finally catch a cold, I have forgotten what cold medicine works for me. I usually take whatever may […]

I’m Sick. Siiiiiiick.

I’m pretty sure I must have used this same headline in the past. It sounds like me. I’m getting clobbered by one of the most painful and fast acting sore throats I’ve had in a long, long time. I was minding my own beeswax, wrapping up a fairly fun weekend at the Ocktoberfest and the […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: The Drive Home

By nearly all measures, our honeymoon was too short. It was nice to feel far away, away, away for however short a time. Driving long distances actually makes you comprehend how far you are from home. But we could have gone unplugged for a few more days. Maybe even a week. It may or may […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: Sightseeing In The Rain

Giant photos ahead. This post may take a while to load. I should have mentioned one of our first dilemmas as we settled into our cabin for our romantic and rustic honeymoon. We had stopped at the local mom and pop grocery store in Joseph to get some groceries and some classy wine. Then we […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: The Far East

Our next day of driving was from Prairie City to Joseph, Oregon. 209 miles. As we took our leave from the lovely, but weak-ass coffee town of Prairie City, we looked back to get a view of the Strawberry Mountain range. You can’t throw a rock in Oregon without hitting some dramatic scenery. Okay, well […]