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As you may have noticed, I’m on a kick to get rid of stuff and ramp up our savings. This might be the exact opposite of most newlyweds who, in the first few months of marriage, usually settle in to feather their nests and pick over gifts and wedding loot. I’m happier than ever that […]

What Happy Relationships Are Made Of

In the spring, we bought asparagus every time we went to the grocery store. Except Dave didn’t call it asparagus, he called it broccoli. He did it every time. He could hold the asparagus in his hand and point at it emphatically and call it “broccoli.” I’d ask him, “You mean asparagus?” He’d sigh and […]

Reading The Old Fashioned Way

I belong to a book club with a lovely bunch of ladies who meet once a month. I have missed all their meetings over the summer because I was busy getting married, or watching other people get married. Or we were going to festivals or fairs or just generally rushing around like nuts. Summers in […]

Wrestling A Bear

This past weekend in Portland, we got hit with one of the first winter storms of the fall, meaning, it was rainy AND windy. So while the rain pounded and the trees swayed outside, we hunkered in and, wow, what a shit ton of stuff we got done over here. I listed a bunch of […]

Schrödinger’s Cholesterol

I got a note from my doctor’s office that they have an unfulfilled request for a lipid test. I know just what this is for. My doctor ordered it months ago. But I’m hesitant to go in for this test. At the beginning of the year, I went in for a slew of doctor and […]