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Interview With A Monster Maker

We have monsters in our house. They came home with us from the Oregon State Fair, but they were born in SE Portland, where there is a full-on Monster Den. Did you know? Did you know there are monsters in SE Portland? Our uber crafty friend Lise makes them. We love our monsters, and I […]

Portland: Thank You.

That is all.

Heather and Dave Start a Business

Hi, Internet. Not that long ago, I mentioned we had some big “stuff” coming up. And I drew a picture of a rocket and unicorn. And it was pretty awesome. It was fairly apparent from my deft drawing skills that there was some pretty massive quantities of awesomeness coming up. Dave and I have been […]

New Old Familiar

Today in Portland, it was one of the chilliest days yet this season. It was a deeper, stronger chill. This cold felt like the outskirts of winter. It was the first cold that was more than seeping or annoying or unpleasant. This chill had an edge. I needed to go for a quick walk today, […]

Moving. Yes Again, Okay?

So it’s been right around a year, and it’s about that time that Dave and I get itchy scratchy to move again. We’ve relocated right around the holidays for the past two years, which by all indicators, means we ought to have our heads examined and/or screwed on tighter. The compulsion to up and move […]