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Ye Christmases Of Olde

While spending Christmas with my family, we dug out some old photos of Christmases past, from when I was just a sprout. As a kid, I think it took me a while to figure Christmas out. Here’s me with Uncle Santa. I don’t think I quite comprehended the concept just yet. Looks like maybe my […]

14% And Without A Charger

Hi kids! Happy Holidays! We’re catching a jet plane tomorrow and I forgot my damned charger for my laptop! Thank goodness I converted my dad into a Mac guy. It’s like we’re a damn cult. Happy Holidays, Portland! We love you all, every last one of you. 13%

Two Years In A Row Means It’s A Tradition, Right?

I’m realizing that I am a huge dork for Christmas lights. We visited Peacock Lane last year. I even said last year that “I’m a huge dork for Christmas lights.” I guess a year is just enough time for me to forget how much of a dork I am. Again, we went to Horse Brass […]

If I Could Peek Inside My Own Brain

If I had the ability to pop the hood on my brain and run a few diagnostics, I’d like to know why I seem to give naysayers and trolls more credence than they are worth. Why do I understand that mentality so well? Why is it so familiar? Why do I hear that voice, and […]

Business Partners

Not long ago, I was talking to Dave about all our various web projects, blogging, and the businesses we are building together. I marveled at how lucky we are, that blogging is an interest we share. I wondered at how different our lives would be if we had fallen in love, but I was into […]