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Somewhat Daily Photo 12.28.11

Little Crater Lake. There was no way for photos to do it justice. It’s like an optical illusion. We visited during this camping trip over the summer. I just like to remember what summertime is like.

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.27.11

Boids. I have a hard time believing that birds and other creatures don’t have their own societies, communities and conversations. You just know that there are busybody seagulls gossipping about each other as they huddle together. “Did you hear what Margaret said today?” “Ooh, she’s such a shrew! What did she say?”

Shelter In Place

The holidays haven’t quite calmed down for us yet. Everyone in my family is travelling, so we decided to wait until January for Dave and me to fly to California to visit my sister and my folks. This was the first actual Christmas Day in my 38 years that I didn’t spend with my parents. […]

Happy Holidays, Dorkface!

Dave and I were in Portland last weekend, and we did our best to efficiently tackle all our various errands while we were in town. Rather than do everything on the weekend, we wisely decided to wait until Monday, thinking there would be fewer people out being nutjobs with the holidays approaching. We did have […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.22.11

It’s getting to be that time. That’s me, a few year ago. Just a few. I have a few more of these childhood Christmas photos up over on Ye Christmases of Olde. I’d still be pretty excited to get Legos for Christmas.