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Like A Sieve

As I have been thinning out our shelves and shelves of books, I was thinking that I was just being a sissy for being so reluctant and emotional about it. I attach sentimentality to odd items. I was always thinking I’d want to reread my books. Even the crappy ones. And if I didn’t reread […]

Snowy Skyline

Click for super humongous. (Also, psychos and stalkers, please refrain from triangulating our coordinates to send us spam and/or kill us.)

54 Days, As Of Today

Dave, my husband, usually wakes up sometime between 4 am and 5 am every day. Without an alarm clock. Sometimes he sleeps in until 5:30 on weekends, but sometimes he gets up at 3:30 in the morning during the week. He gets up this early, makes coffee, and starts blogging. I find this type of […]

Not From Around Here

Not long ago, I was crossing a street downtown to enter our new apartment. I saw a group of people standing around, having a discussion. They were well dressed and looked like they smelled nice. If they weren’t standing there with a dog on a leash, I would have assumed they were out-of-towners. As I […]

Because the Cool Kids Are Doing It

This guy started it. Based in this. Other people are submitting awesome contributions. Awesome. Love this town.