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Wanting to Settle

In the past few weeks, I have come upon a sudden and urgent desire to plant a garden. I woke up one morning, dreaming of growing herbs and vegetables. The feeling came like lightning out of the blue, and has been nagging my brain. I imagine if I were religious, I’d take it as a […]

A Purely Hypothetical Question

Let me ask you a question. A purely hypothetical question. If you had, say, $20,000 to spend, what would you do with it? $20,000, free and clear, with no obligation. What would you do? Would you buy a car? Go on vacation? Put it towards buying property? Give it away? Take classes? Quit your job? […]

I Read Books

Not long ago, a friend of mine told me my “Now Reading” page was an abomination.  She didn’t actually say “abomination” because she is far too polite. But that is what she meant. I had to thank her because, one, I didn’t think anyone was paying attention to that page (I certainly wasn’t), and two, […]

How I Graduated From Harvard, Part Two

How I Graduated Harvard, Part One. So, in the fall of 1994 I was twenty one. I had just gotten back to Massachusetts after having spent the summer at the Grand Canyon. I almost immediately got a job near Faneuil Hall in Boston, and found an apartment in a student slum in Brighton, where I […]

How I Graduated from Harvard, Part One

I don’t usually come out and tell people I graduated from Harvard. I feel like there’s whole big long story to tell. I’m aware that people hear the name “Harvard” and often draw immediate conclusions. They might think I’m smarter than average, that my parents were wealthy, that I belong to some sort of elite […]