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My Anxiety Fairy

You might not know this about me, but I’m a tad high strung. You’d never guess, would you? Even in the best possible moments, I’m always a little worried about something. Sometimes I make the most of it, knowing that my anxiety is mostly self inflicted. Worrying can be an entertaining game, if I can […]

Kitty Has A Woobie

Years ago, I noticed that whenever I used a certain type of fuzzy soft yarn for my crochet, my cat would come over and knead the balls of yarn. He didn’t do it for every yarn, just this soft fuzzy kind. He’d start purring, just looking at it. He’d go stand on the ball of […]

Moving to Astoria Update

We’ve made several trips to Astoria in the past week or so, to look at apartments and research housing. There are lots of cute, cheap places for rent. Renovated Victorians, old brick apartments, places with porches and river views. However, 90% of them say NO PETS. And we have a cute ass little kitty. We […]

We Are So Screwed

Last week, Dave and I went to our first OMSI Science Pub at the Bagdad. I happened to read Dave’s blog rather late in the day and saw that this one was about the Cascadia Subduction Zone. I don’t know what our plans had been, but I immediately wanted to go hear about how screwed […]

Multiple Layers of Awesomeness

Have you ever tried to make money on Etsy? It’s not easy. I was talking to someone the other day about selling crafts on Etsy and she told me she’s made about $7.00 in four years. It’s hard to make money as a crafty person in ANY venue, never mind trying to make a living […]