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Last Night

Night night, Portland.

Urban Camping

We are holed up in our old Portland apartment for a couple days. We are cleaning up, making final runs to Goodwill, and then handing over our keys. Since there is no furniture or household items, we brought our camping gear. We are sleeping on an air mattress, sitting in our camp chairs, and using […]

More New Neighbors

Dave and I went for a walk to get coffee beans from our favorite local roaster. Astoria Coffee Company has some of the best coffee we’ve ever had, including coffee from Portland. We used to purposefully arrange our Astoria trips to arrive sometime while they were open (weekdays, business hours only*) so that we could […]

Neat New Stuff To Learn

I’m a dork for learning stuff. Especially when I move to a new state or new city. I want to know about weather patterns, land forms, local history, urban lore, dishy politics, well-known characters and trouble makers. And now in Astoria, we’re finding out where to go to get local seafood, local landfood and local […]

Travel Tuesdays: Oswald West State Park

Travel Tuesday. Maybe an ongoing new feature. We are going to attempt to go see something, maybe on a regular basis, and maybe take photos, and maybe write about it, maybe on Tuesdays. I like this idea, but I am noncommittal. I don’t even know what I’m doing for the rest of the day today, […]