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Somewhat Daily Photo 8.31.11

Rhododendrons. Near, of all places, Rhododendron, Oregon. From our rather wet first trip to Camp Creek. We liked it so much, we’ve been back a half dozen times.

FYI: Lemon Basil Is Very Different Than Regular Basil

Okay, I know no one is as excited about my herb garden as I am. I can’t shut up about it. It’s goddamned exciting.

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.30.11

Want to know where nowhere is? Here you go. From our trip through Oregon and Nevada. There’s more nothing out there than I’ve ever seen.

I’m A Late Bloomer

My 20th high school reunion was this year. As you might imagine, I didn’t go. Some people have fond memories of high school. I’m not one of those people. I was a nerd. I was sort of smart, but I got shitty grades. I wasn’t ugly or missing any important pieces, but I was skinny […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.29.11

Ducks are cute. Nature will make everything green, eventually.