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Somewhat Daily Photo 9.30.11

The Portland Japanese Garden. For the sake of multiculturalism after yesterday’s photo. This was taken a few years ago when I actually forgot my damn camera. So I had to take pictures of this wonderful, lovely place with my Blackberry. Pretty much all my photos were yellow and green. The camera in the Blackberry created […]

Misshapen Crochet Projects As A Weak Ass Metaphor For Life In General

I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for a couple of years. Wait, wait, before you leave, this isn’t just a post about a crochet blanket. There’s some deep fricken insight coming up. Right. So, as with many big crochet projects, I started and stopped a couple times before I settled on a pattern and […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 9.29.11

At the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. One of my favorites. From a visit a couple of years ago. She was wearing a cute little asian print dress and matching shoes. Just the right spot at the right moment.

Downsizing Regrets

About a year and a half ago, we decided we had too much stuff. It wasn’t important stuff. It wasn’t stuff we liked. It was just stuff we were carrying around. Some of it was old. Some of it was from thoughtless purchases. Some of it was stuff we didn’t really use, but kept around […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 9.28.11

New forest. This is not the clone tool. It’s replanted forest in the blast zone of Mt St Helen’s 1980 eruption. This was among my first experiences of a large managed forest/tree farm in the Pacific Northwest. More like bristles than trees. Now after almost four years, I’m sort of used to it.