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Sometimes, I Am A 16 Year Old Boy

This is, perhaps, one of those things I shouldn’t really be proud of. It should certainly be one of those things I SHOULDN’T write about on the internet. But as you know, I just can’t help it. I do embarrassing or dumb shit and immediately think, “Ooh, I need to tell the internet all about […]

Living Down By The River

I love reading the the Astoria PoliceĀ press logs. They are not always so entertaining, and sometimes they can be a bit depressing. But often, they contain little gems that make me smile. Astoria Police LogĀ 1/25/12 3:20 SUSP CIRCUMSTANCES “Report of something making a grunting noise in backyard of the house. Reporting unsure of what it […]

Did You Kiss Anyone Screening February 7th

Okay. Our friend Mike Vogel makes movies and stuff. He’s a funny guy and a fantastic writer, and he assembled a super talented cast and crew to make an original, all local film about “Marriage, sex, and shitting with the door open.” We blogged about being extras in the film two years ago. So it’s […]

Travel Tuesday-ish: Whale Watching Fail

So I don’t know if you know this: It rains a lot on the coast. People, it rains. RAINS. This week started with a lovely dusting of snow, and has ended with heaping buckets of rain. There’s flooding and pandemonium and gnashing of teeth. I’d like to think back a couple weeks, forever ago, to […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 1.16.12

Another shot from my first week in Portland in January of 2008. More on that over here. You, yes, YOU are wonderful!