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I went to California, and this happened. Here are the happy grandparents. There are seven people in this photo, not including my belly button. By the way, the new guest toilet worked frighteningly well.

“Preparations Have Been Made.”

I’m traveling to California this week to go to my sister’s baby shower. She is having a baby at the end of April. She is also a first time mom, so my parents are getting triple grandkids all in one year. They are out-of-their-mindsĀ ecstatic. My dad, also, has installed a new toilet in the guest […]

Humanity on Wheels: Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Please come to this thing we’re doing tonight and listen to us tell stories and stuff. It’s going to be fricken awesome.

Preggo Photo: 18 Weeks

I know I’m going to get advice during this pregnancy to just “embrace the fatness.” And I am. I totally am. I’m embracing the hell out of it. I was never super sensitive about weight to begin with. But as I get tubbier, I’m also going to enjoy calling my flubba dubba “maternal stores.” That’s […]

Boys Are Dumb

Now, hear me out on this. Years ago, Dave and I were out for a hike. This was before we had ever discussed getting married, and waaaay before we ever thought we would have kids. It was a nice day in the early spring, before most people would consider going out for a walk in […]