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New Little Dumpling In The Family

My beautiful sister had a baby this weekend. Elliana. 6lb, 12 oz, 19 1/2″ inches, born Friday April 27 at 11:54am. My parents visited, of course, and they debated on picking up a gift they saw in the hospital gift shop. My dad couldn’t resist. He got a five foot, three inch bear for the […]

I Feel Great! Wait, No. I Feel Like Dog Poo!

I’ve been trucking along on this whole pregnancy thing. I’m around 24 weeks and I’ve been feeling pretty good. More than pretty good. My energy has been great, my mood is good, I’ve been sleeping well, I’ve been chewing through projects and feeling productive and goddamned virtuous. So we moved, and the very week we […]

Okay, So, I Hate Shopping

We’re back in Portland. We have a new apartment. And every time we move, I have the urge to nest a bit. With twins on the way, my urge to nest is perhaps a bit stronger than usual. We actually haven’t thought too much about baby stuff yet. I’ve been blocking it out, actually. Since […]

Tulip Fest 2012

Having now moved back to Portland, it’s easier for us to go to all the festivals and events that we usually dork out over. On Saturday, we got up at a┬áleisurely┬ápace and drove over to the 2012 Tulip Fest at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Have you been to the tulip fest? It’s pretty mind […]

Someone Is Excited To Be A Gramma

We got a bunch of packages from California this week. My mom had taken me shopping while I was visiting. There was so many baby clothes, little socks, cute little onesies, soft PJs, I am sure the plane would have crashed if I tried to take it all with me.