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Being Pregnant Is Super Trashy

I have spent the majority of my life not being pregnant. I’m pretty good at it. In almost 39 years, I’ve spent the majority of that time not wanting to be pregnant, for whatever reason. I remember the heady days of my twenties, and not having a boyfriend, yet still waking up in a sweat […]

Waiting For The Crazy Lady To Somehow Crash The Plane

I flew down to southern California to meet my new niece. Here she is. Cutest thing ever, right? Holy crap, this kid is cute. In this photo, she’s about to get a bath. I took the trip because obviously, I needed to go eat the cute little baby, but also because I don’t know when […]

I Got A Hot Date

I’m off to go meet this little one. I will do everything in my power not to scoop her up and stuff her into my mouth. But, COME ON. Could you really expect me not to? These photos were either by her mommy or daddy, I don’t know who. And more photos over here by […]

Belly At 26 Weeks And Stuff

Are you ready for this belly? I’ve had a few people who haven’t seen me in a while and they are surprised I’m not showing more. Like, “You’re not massive! I thought you’d be grotesquely huge by now!” I feel pretty okay about that. I’m sort of tall, at 5’8,” and we know one of the […]

Let’s Talk About Baby Shit

No really. Not baby “stuff,” as I have already briefly discussed. I mean poo poo. When I was a kid, we called it caca. Or cuckies. I don’t hear that quite as much these days, or I don’t hear that term quite as often on the west coast. But of course, it’s been ten or […]