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Adding To The Innumerable Indignities

Pregnancy, yo. I still has it. I’m at 33 weeks. Last week, we had a sort of scary day with extra contractions. Everything turned out fine. It’s not uncommon to have freak out days, especially with twins. It happens. The good thing, is that we *could* have the babies right now, and they would probably […]

What A Wonderful World

Here’s why. I get emails in my inbox like this, from my sister. “I’m a Duck!” Gah. Just, stop it already. I’m 1000 miles away! I am 1000 miles away from the cutest baby on the planet! But my world is a little brighter, knowing she is here, with her tractor beam of cuteness. Thank […]

“We’re Going To Have These Babies Tonight, Aren’t We?”

That was Dave, sitting across from me at dinner, as he choked down a stiff drink. He nervously watched me tap a contraction timer on my phone. Contractions were coming less than every five minutes, and they were lasting a minute or longer. This had been going on for a while, maybe over an hour. […]

I Just Aged 40 Years In Two Months

As chronic relocators, Dave and I have lived on a fair number of heavily traveled roads. This might sound like I’m being¬†philosophical, but I’m not. I’m actually talking about busy streets with lots of cars. Not Robert Frost or some other type of thing I read in high school. We are in such a place […]

Eating Dessert First

Welcome to my brain. This is an old, old habit. It’s one of those habits where I can’t recall when it ever began. It is so deeply woven into my behavior, and so automatic, it’s now just an indistinguishable part of my character. Here’s what I do: I hold my “fun” projects hostage. All the […]